Aligning Body, Mind, Heart and...

Helping Middle Schoolers Develop the Content of Their Character

In a society flooded with entertainment, "candy," and all sorts of unhealthy distractions, how can we help our children to become whole, aligned, harmonious adults? The answer begins with getting children to recognize and believe in the transformational power of loving behaviors. To this end, U Can Be Heroes, designed using the integrated workings of the body as a model, brings pre-teens a heart-based education on essential behaviors and values for creating more health and harmony in themselves and in the world around them.

What Sets Us Apart?

Based on insight and recognition of parts to wholes, U Can Be Heroes programs bring science and spirit together for an unprecedented approach to character development.  

Just as the body is a design of balance and harmony, humans are designed to live harmoniously with one another.


There is a widely used expression that is popular today by both scientists and spiritualist: "We are one," they agree! Scientists are proving this, and many people of faith have been advocating the principle of oneness for millennia. So, how can we live as One? The answer is, by putting into practice aligned action. Aligned action?


U Can Be Heroes shares an enlightening insight into "parts" to wholeness for alignment in our actions. 

What's Included in the Program?

For each grade, the program comes with biweekly, fast, fun and simple to implement lesson plans that can be mixed in with your regular school schedule. Each lesson comes with a non-fiction book, student and teacher cards, storybooks (centered around a social, political or environmental issue), discussion prompts and a video series. 

Content of Character Lessons

The lessons which can take as little as 20 minutes each require little prep time. Each lesson addresses an essential trait that makes up the content of one's character.

The Materials


Happiness in Schools, Cool School Rules, for fourth and fifth graders and How to Be Happy for Kids (And Adults) for seventh and eighth graders, give students a fun and captivating look at nine essential behaviors and four shared needs.


Each of the nine behaviors and four shared needs comes with student and teacher cards to help develop students understanding and connection to the character traits and shared needs being taught. As each behavior and each body part (that shares a functional similarity to the behavior) are introduced, a picture of parts to wholes begins to unfold. 


These short stories/poems, playful, fun and uplifting, are designed to engage the hearts and minds of all ages about many of the different social, personal and political issues we face as a nation and a people. Each story comes with a discussion prompt to foster engagement and discussion on modern-day topics. Using the behaviors and shared needs introduced, students begin to feel empowered to change the world in peaceful, while no less effective, ways.


To go along with the storybooks, the discussion prompts act as guides to elicit students to explore the meaning of one or more of the behaviors and how it relates to the world around them. Over time, students will begin to develop their ability to engage with the world around them with actions that create more cultural balance and harmony


Fast and practical, these 3 to 5-minute videos capture real-life stories of superstars and everyday superheroes. In their own words, different people from all walks of life, make connections to how one or more of the behaviors and values have significant importance in their relationships, careers and success.  

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Putting It All Together

Watch Video

A short, fun video to introduce students to the behavior being taught.

Student Cards 

Hand-out cards and read together as a class or individually. Read questions on the back and answer either through writing or discussion. 


& Discussion Prompt 

Read the assigned storybook or poem to the class and then ask questions using the discussion prompt.

Non-fiction Book 

Assign reading pages for homework from one of the two non-fiction books.

Making It Affordable

 Fundraising Products for Your School Program

Raise money for your school while enhancing your students' and school's connection to these world-changing traits.





U Can Be Heroes Grades 5-8 Kits

One program kit per classroom.  

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  • Grades 7-8 Basic Kit

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  • Grades 5-6 Complete Kit

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  • Grades 7-8 Complete Kit

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