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Giving High School Students the Tools They Need to Become Their Best Selves

For High School students, often studying and learning about the value of the content of one's character takes backstage to academics, or it is taught narrowly with an anti-bullying program. 


What if we could change this? Would it make a difference? The answer to both those questions is, "Yes, we can and yes it will."  

U Can Be Heroes is the most nourishing and enlighting program available. By engaging young adults hearts and minds with a revolutionary approach to matters of character, we awaken them to discover and to cultivate their best selves. By doing so, young adults are empowered to create alignment, wholeness and harmony for themselves and others.

What Sets Us Apart?

Based on insight and recognition of parts to wholes, U Can Be Heroes programs bring science and spirit together for an unprecedented approach to character development.  

Just as the body is a design of balance and harmony, humans are designed to live harmoniously with one another.


There is a widely used expression that is popular today by both scientists and spiritualist: "We are one," they agree! Scientists are proving this, and many people of faith have been advocating the principle of oneness for millennia. So, how can we live as One? The answer is, by putting into practice aligned action. Aligned action?


U Can Be Heroes shares an enlightening insight into "parts" to wholeness for alignment in our actions. 

What's Included in the Program?

U Can Be Heroes is not the only program that advances the value of traits but it's the only one that uses superheroes and also an objective model for its choice of traits.

Content of Character Lessons

The lessons which can take as little as 20 minutes each require little prep time. Each lesson addresses an essential trait that makes up the content of one's personal and well as the overall societies character.

Grades 5-8

Grades 9-12

Moving  Beyond Behaviors

For Grades 9-12, the lessons move beyond the nine essential behaviors and four shared needs to include attitude and character traits. Additionally, students are engaged to explore parts to a whole, healthy society. The goal of the high school program is to have students recognize and value the role that attitude, behavior and character plays in their ability to actualize and fulfill their unique potentials.

These and More, All for Life, Liberty, and Happiness for ALL.

The Materials

Non-fiction Books

Separate books for each of the grades help students to learn about the many essential qualities that are necessary for wholeness and harmony. The high school books advance beyond the nine behaviors taught in the younger grades to include attitude and character traits, as well as societal characteristics. 

Constitution of the Individual and Society

Just like our United States Constitution established our laws and the rights of the citizens so that we might have a better chance to live in peace together, the natural constitution of our body offers us a beautiful blueprint that reveals how each of us has within ourselves the qualities for wholeness. Students use these constitutions throughout the program as guides for their class discussions as well as for written assignments.

Student and Teacher Cards

The attitude, behavior, character and four shared needs cards for high school students continue to build upon students learning from earlier years. Each card comes with a written topic and questions to answer guiding students to realize how behaviors can help shape the choices and actions we take.

Video Series

Fast and practical, these 3 to 5-minute videos capture real-life stories of superstars and everyday superheroes. In their own words, different people from all walks of life, make connections to how one or more of the behaviors and values have significant importance in their relationships, careers and success.  

* The video series is not available yet. 


Putting It All Together

Watch Video

A short, fun video to introduce students to the behavior being taught.

Student Cards 

Hand-out cards and read together as a class or individually. Read questions on the back and answer either through writing or discussion. 

Non-fiction Book 

Assigned reading from the book. This can be done in class or as homework.

Discussion Prompt 

Use the discussion prompt for review of the assigned reading.

Making It Affordable

Raise money for your school while enhancing your students' and school's connection to these world-changing traits.


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U Can Be Heroes High School Bundles

One program kit per classroom.  

  • Grade 9 Kit

  • Product #001 - $350.00

  • Grade 11 Kit

  • Product #003 - $350.00

  • Grade 10 Kit

  • Product #002 - $350.00

  • Grade 12 Kit

  • Product #004 - $350.00

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