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Moving Beyond the Game 

After school sports, activities and clubs are a great opportunity to introduce children to the concept of the content of our character in ways that relate to their interests and passions. Based on an insight into the way different organs in our body function similarly to the way different behaviors function in our relationships, U Can Be Heroes has created the first-ever objective model for the choice of qualities needed for a great character.

What is U can Be heroes?

U CAN BE HEROES is a revolutionary character program based on insight and exploration into similarities between how several body parts work to bring about alignment in our body and how several behavioral "parts" work to bring about alignment in our lives.


Just as the body is a design of balance and harmony, humans are designed to live harmoniously with one another.


There is a widely used expression that is popular today by both scientists and spiritualists: "We are one," they agree! Scientists are proving this, and many people of faith have been advocating the principle of oneness for millennia. So, how can we live as One? The answer is, by putting into practice aligned action. Aligned action?


U Can Be Heroes shares an enlightening insight into "parts" to wholeness for alignment in our actions. 

What's Included in the Program?

For your sports team, club, or other after school activity, the U Can Be Heroes essentials program comes with ten fun, affordable and easy to teach lessons or there is an option to purchase the complete program which includes non-fiction books, a video series and collectible cards. Whether you coach the basketball, or soccer team or head the chess club, the lessons are designed to specifically complement your activity and get participants engaged in recognizing the value and importance of developing the content of one's character.

Content of Character Lessons

For your essentials program, there are ten lessons, 5 to 10 minutes in length, with little required prep time. The lessons can be implemented during warm-up or cool downtime if you are a sports coach, and if you head the chess club the lessons can be implemented before the match to reinforce the value of good behavior or after the match to talk about important values that go beyond winning the game. 

*For those who want to go deeper into the learning our complete program includes age-appropriate non-fiction books, one for children ages 9-12, and one for children ages 13 and up. 

The Materials

The Materials

Student Cards

The front of student cards shares a real-life story centered around a particular behavioral trait and on the back of the card are several open-ended questions. These customizable cards offer coaches and leaders the opportunity to connect with students over their interests and get them actively engaged in the meaning and importance of developing their character. Additionally, questions on the back of the student cards can be used, beyond oral discussion, as written assignments.

Coach and Leader Cards

Simple, but no less substantial, the coach and leader cards make the teaching of character traits enlightening and fun. Just like the heart, brain, muscles, and so on are connected and play particular roles in the body, these cards show how several beautiful qualities come together, each serving a specific part, in our lives and interactions.

Non-fiction Books (Optional) 

To help students become even more engaged and committed to developing great character, short, fun, and easy to read age-appropriate books provide an excellent addition to your teaching.

For the younger athletes and club participants, Happiness in Schools, Cool School Rules sheds light, with playfulness, on how the power of developing great traits is the best way to stop the bully and build amazing relationships and a great school environment. For the older athletes and club participants, The Anatomy of Our Behavior is an excellent book for guiding students to recognize the harmonizing power developing beautiful behavioral qualities can bring to their relationships, school environment and beyond.

Video Series (Optional)

Fast and practical, these 3 to 5-minute videos capture real-life stories of superstars and everyday superheroes. In their own words, different people from all walks of life, make connections to how one or more of the behaviors and values have significant importance in their relationships, careers and success.  

* Not available yet. Coming soon!

Collectible Cards (Optional) 

These cards are a great add-on to your sports team, club or activity. A full deck of 52 cards for every child on your team or club, provides the younger students, ages 9-12, with a fun and playful way to connect with harmonizing behaviors and values. Play traditional games with them, or assign activities and projects are around them. There are many opportunities to expand students learning with these meaningful, creative and connecting cards. 

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