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Beautiful by DESIGN 

In line with Martin Luther King's vision that there is content to one's character, U Can Be Heroes is a groundbreaking character program with the first-ever objective model designed to teach children and adults alike "parts" to wholeness, or "content" to a character. Looking at several of the body's organs as anchors for the choice of behaviors, U Can Be Heroes insights are groundbreaking and compelling.

With U CAN BE HEROES, We Can Reach Higher Heights

  • Superstars

    Sometimes it can help to have a superstar deliver a can-do message. And sometimes it can help to have a superstar talk about the content of our character to help inspire us to see what really matters.

    It might just be that you or your team, or organization or school need a visit from a superstar!

  • Superheroes

    Everybody talks about the need to change and save the world. What better way to think about what can be done than by joining a superhero crew on their journey to do what they can do.

    What better way to start children off young learning to believe that there is nothing they can't do. 


  • A Discovery 

    Do you think we linked with superstars and created a superhero series simply because we wanted to inspire and entertain? No, we actually made a breakthrough discovery first - the superheroes and superstars came later. There is a 21st century discovery that can dramatically change our world. And it involves you!

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What Character Will YOU Build With U Can Be Heroes?

U Can Be Heroes is not the only program that advances the value of traits, but it's the only program that uses an objective model for its choice of attributes.

Using the body's organs as the anchor system for the choice of behaviors dynamically reveals the need for and value of character development for harmonizing relationships and lives, and even societies.  Use one of our many books or lesson plans to encourage your students to recognize the transformational behavioral qualities that exist in nature and help them to commit to building the content of their character for more wholeness and harmony for all.

Grow A Classroom With a Character of Wholeness for More Harmony for All

Create A Classroom That Encourages Your Students to Shine

Anchored to the organs in the body, wisdom, and objectivity guide the choice of behaviors. Filled with vibrant, relevant, and compelling material, U Can Be Heroes brings an unprecedented approach to teaching the importance of values. With compelling evidence that there is essential content that makes up our character,  the lessons make learning about the power and beauty inside each of us truly transformational.

Help Young Adults Commit to Becoming Characters of Star Quality  

"Superstars are made not born" is a common phrase often made by motivational speakers to both children and adults. Well, superstars with impeccable character are also made not born. Based on an exploration of a commonality between the way several organs in our body function and the way several behaviors in our lives function, U Can Be Heroes, takes readers on an eye-opening journey. The enlightening materials engage readers to value the importance of the content of their character and encourage readers to commit to growing more beautiful and whole from the inside out.

 Essential Ingredients to Becoming a Whole, Aligned Person 

Unleash the Power and Value of Character in Your Own Life

What is the content of our character? Can we define it with an objective choice of behaviors? Looking to the body's organs to guide the choice of behaviors, the authors take readers on a journey and exploration of the beauty and power found in the majestic design of the body. 

Grow Beautiful Can-Do Messages in the Hearts and Minds of the Very Young 

Getting children off to the right start is, of course, essential.  That means, in the area of character and behavior, instilling them with a can-do spirit. The U Can message along with the Save the World Dog and the Ucadoo Crew (pronounced you ca doo) make it fun for young children to learn to say and believe that they and others can do it. Perhaps, there's no more valuable and more natural message to teach.

Beautiful BY DESIGN, The Anatomy of OUR BEHAVIOR

Parts to Wholeness, Content of Character

...And many more

In line with Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream, we believe in humanity's ability to harmonize by bringing powerful behavioral tools, anchored by an objective model, into societies' daily activities  - all aimed toward bringing about the values of Life, Liberty, and Happiness for all. 

Learning Essential Qualities Made Easy 

Want to learn about essential qualities for creating better lives? Our books, with an enlightening model for understanding how harmony works, make learning about the importance and value of behaviors, for positively changing lives and the world, compelling, relevant and fun. 

Thought-Provoking Material for How to Uplift the Character of Our Society 

With a beautiful acronym, HOPE FOR ALL, and real-life stories throughout, we'll have you finish this fast read start to end in one sitting. Moreover, you'll begin to see the great potential you have within yourself for helping to bring about the values of life, liberty, and happiness for all to both your intimate circles, as well as to the broader world, through a commitment to growing your character.

Encouraging Children to Join in Making a Five Star World 

One of many in our series, this world-saving story captures children's hearts and minds right from the start! With Save the World Dog and the Ucadoo Crew, children are asked to participate and help Dog and his crew while they go on three world-saving missions. This fun and engaging story encourages and empowers children to believe that they can be part of making a better world.

A New Discovery

It's all based on an objective model. We haven't just selected a set of traits based on subjective preference. We've chosen traits based on a discovery. Begin to learn how it works...

Meet The Team

Chris Dunn

When I'm not wrestling with the sun, trying not to squint, for a photo for a website, I'm generally co-authoring books, and creating programs... for children and adults. The topic of much of our writing is how a breakthrough insight can help transform lives and societies. While an attorney now, I began writing about law and economics as a law student, and this broadened to behavioral insights and a discovery. 

Cathy LoGerfo

I have less trouble with the sun, being quite sunny myself. When I'm not smiling, it's because I'm talking about a serious message about how to bring about better societal and individual behavior. Character is not generally a word we like to champion and yet it's at the root of all spiritual ascension. As an educator, with a master's degree in elementary education, I enjoy bringing children and schools messages of hope and can-do inspiration, along with messages about how to live a better life. 

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