What is

U can Be heroes?

U CAN BE HEROES is a revolutionary character program based on insight and exploration into similarities between how several body parts work to bring about alignment in our body and how several behavioral "parts" work to bring about alignment in our lives.


What We Offer

The U CAN BE HEROES program offers teachers, coaches, parents, and community and business leaders a unique opportunity to lead positive change. With our revolutionary products and materials, learning about what makes up the content of one's character has never been more eye-opening and fun. Included in our different products are books, posters and teacher cards to go along with engaging, easy to understand, and insightful lessons.  

How Can U CAN BE HEROES Work for You?

Shared Language

U Can Be Heroes provides students Grades K-12 with a shared set of essential traits. And teaches the idea of parts to wholeness. 


Fundraising Opportunites

The lessons can be done in as little as 15 minutes or for up to 45 minutes. 

To raise money for the school, sports, clubs, and activities