Caring (and Stocking) for the Masses

Creating a System of and for Integrity.

There is no debate that, throughout the world, there are Biological weapons labs, or what are called P4 Labs. Wuhan, is the home of one, as many people now know. Many people are suggesting that the COVID-19, coronavirus, accidentally got out from that lab. Whether or not it did, one thing is for sure, there is a risk that at some time, a biological agent could get loose from one of these labs. In 2004, Richard Posner, a noted scholar and judge, wrote a book titled Catastrophe. In it he wrote about highly unlikely, but cataclysmic, or catastrophic possibilities - things with a low chance of occurring but which would do immense damage to life if they did happen.

Well, coronavirus is an example of how something immensely damaging can happen, which although it may be an extremely rare event, we ought to be prepared for. That was Posner's point. We ought to be prepared for events which could happen that would be incredibly damaging. Recently, back in October 2019, Johns Hopkins University, created a simulation, with funding and support from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. That simulation looked at the possibilities of a pandemic caused by a coronavirus outbreak. It was called Agenda 201.

Ultimately, the tool that came out of that simulation, was used in the real pandemic that came out a couple of months later.

Yet, what did not come out of the effort was preparedness. At least not preparedness that saves lives.

Today, March 15, 2020, Dr. Fauci, who has become a household name because of his role on the Coronavirus task force, announced that essentially, if the coronavirus hits the U.S. as hard as it hits Italy, we will not have enough respirators to save all the people's lives who otherwise would have been saved if we had had those respirators.

A Country that Can Have P4 Weapons Labs, but Not Have Enough Respirators

So, the question is, how can a country afford to have weapons labs but not afford to have enough respirators. Dr. Fauci says, the United States has just over 17,000 respirators. He unambiguously states we will not have enough respirators if this outbreak is similar to what their experiencing in Italy (or what they experienced in China). Note, many people who need to be on respirators, need those respirators for weeks, once they are on them.

Why don't we have enough respirators, it is a matter of where we put our money and it is a matter or what we prioritize.

And it is a matter of the guiding or gold rule of capitalism: Survival of the fittest.

This is to be contrasted with the golden rule, or a rule of ethics: Survival of the All.

Survival of the all says that all matter. All people matter. All lives matter. It says we can prioritize life over less important, or less meaningful, things.

This is why we see the NBA shutting down, the NCAA shutting down, Broadway and all sorts of other events and entertainment. These things, matter, less than life.

We've been writing for years about how we've got to organize or structure our society to promote meaningful products and services. Well, the coronavirus has explained - or shown - what that would look like.

What the coronavirus has not done is shown us how to get to a world where lives are saved and diseases and viruses are stopped or prevented from harming individuals and economies.

To imagine how we can prevent and stop harms from happening, all you have to do is ask, "How could this have been prevented in the first place." The answer is we could have been organized for more meaningful living in the first place. And how would we have done that?

Well, our values and priorities would have been different. Instead of promoting survival of the fittest, we'd be promoting survival of the all.

We won't get there without promoting behaviors and values that are different than are promoted today. We have to start championing traits and values that place a premium on all life. One way to do that is written about in the several books we've written, which at this time of great challenge is particularly timely.

Please check out books such as Creating Harmony, Sharing Values or A System for Harmony. It's not simply a way for us, as a world, to experience peace, it's a way for our world to prevent harm, significant harm. It could be your own life your saving, or it could be someone else's.

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