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The Parts to Whole Approach

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

You can do it.

Our approach begins with this simple message, captured in numerous ways and with numerous books. The message then broadens to teach essential behaviors and values.

The program centers around the insight that we can think of parts coming together for a whole or complete "character of integrity" or for alignment, wholeness or harmony.

Much as the human body has parts for it's alignment and harmonization, so too, we show that there are parts for aligned interactions, relationships, processes and systems.

But we cannot get there without the very threshold belief that we can do it and without telling others "you can do it."

This begins with a playful series for youngsters called Save the World Dog and the Ucadoo Crew.

But Save the World Dog and his owners Save the World Guy and Save the World Lady are not just for young children. Books with "high" messages captivate adults. Like the craze of coloring books for adults, these children's books read for adults as well as for children.

As for the notion of "saving the world." Well, it's as much about "changing the world" too. Fortune, each year, has a list that looks at how top companies are doing at changing the world. They call it their Change the World list. It's something that many companies are striving to do. The idea is to save the world from harms, like asteroids headed toward earth, like disease and famine. It's not a liberal or conservative message. It's simply a golden rule message. The golden rule is highly regarded in all the major religions and among ethicists apart from religion. So, with the focus of the program on an empowering message and on teaching great behavior traits and values, no one is left out. It's a message about service, service to one another and love for all.

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