What the Coronavirus Crisis Can Teach Us about a Discovery of a Scientific Law of Nature

Saving Lives. Promoting freedom. And the pursuit of happiness. Right now, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are being affected in the United States like never before. Perhaps, the Civil War is the closest example of a time in this nation's history when each of those three ideals were affected as much.

Yet, if we want to be prepared for what may be coming down the pike, now is the time to pay attention to what the coronavirus crisis has to tell us about a discovery of a scientific law of nature. While people are focused on doing what they need to do to stay safe and to survive financially, it can be very hard to also think about preventing what may be even more challenges ahead. But it is what is ahead of us that we have the power to control now.

Disregarding a scientific law of nature is in part what has gotten us into this mess and it is engaging with a scientific law of nature that can help us get out of this mess. So, now is the time to pay attention to something which to this point we, the people, we the society, have largely turned a blind eye to. That is, we need to pay attention to it if we want to prevent more unnecessary deaths and if we want to create the prosperity we are capable of creating.

Every day countless numbers of people die needlessly. I've been saying this for years. We've been making this point in our books for years. Now, people in this country are experiencing a horrific episode, a tragic example of only one type of life-taking, the life-taking of a virus.

Could our knowledge, our societal knowledge, our individual knowledge of a scientific discovery of a law of nature regarding harmonizing have prevented numerous deaths? The simple answer is yes. How that is is not that simple to understand, yet it is simple to explain. Essentially, as a society we are disorganized. And there is a law in nature that shows what optimal order, or optimal organization is.

There is a law in nature that shows what optimal order or optimal organization is.

Knowledge of that law in nature would not only have allowed us to prevent numerous deaths, but also, and more importantly, it will allow us to prevent many more unnecessary losses of life in the future. This is, I understand, hard to believe. How can knowledge of a scientific law of nature prevent deaths, from a coronavirus, for example? It seems hard to believe. Does the scientific law of nature provide an anti-viral? Does it provide a vaccine? Does it provide a way to stop the spread? Does it provide more personal protective equipment? Does it prevent wet-markets (which some say was responsible for the virus in the

first place). The simple answer is yes to all these questions.

A scientific law of nature that shows that there are parts to harmonizing is something we as individuals can use to protect lives, promote liberty and enable ourselves and others to pursue happiness. Is there any item, or concept, or behavioral trait, noted in the parts to a whole action column in the below depiction of the "whole individual" or the "whole relationship" or the harmonious individual or harmonious relationship, that you could not do or be?

You can be loving, thoughtful, responsive, uniting, individualizing, sensitive, meaningful, and empathetic. Each of these qualities acts like a part of the body. That scientific discovery, that reality, tells us that these are essential qualities for harmonizing - and what is harmonizing? It is preventing harms. And what is a virus that kills? Harmful. Now, sure, reading this one blog post you can't possibly understand how one individual acting more lovingly, more thoughtfully, more responsively and so on can be of much value for saving lives. But reading one of these books on the topic, you would be able to understand that.

You would also learn from any of those three books (we suggest you start with Creating Harmony) that society could act more harmoniously and aligned by developing each of the following societal parts (noted in the whole society column).

It frustrates me that many individuals who could spend the time doing so have not taken the time to understand the idea that wholeness, order, organization, alignment, harmony has parts. Again, every day individuals die because we, as individuals, have not taken it upon ourselves to learn the parts, or formula in nature that exists to prevent harms - like the harms caused by the coronavirus.

People will stop using plastic bags, and instead use reusable bags, in order to save the environment and by extension to save lives. It's not very difficult to change that habit. It's not very difficult to stop using disposable plastic bags. It's much more difficult to read a book. It's more difficult to open to the possibility that there are parts, parts which we need to develop in our own lives to a greater extent, necessary for harmonizing - to prevent harms.

So, as we sit with the moment we are in, imprisoned in our homes, or in jobs where safety and one's health is being threatened, it might just be time for some of us, reading this blog to do something different. Something we are not inclined to do. Order the book. Read the book. And start to communicate with others about the idea that there could truly be a way out of this mess, one which follows a blueprint in nature.

It just so happens that it is a scientific law of nature that also is compatible with the golden rule and the highest of religious and ethical precepts.

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