The U Can Be Heroes Basketball Supreme Kit is an excellent way for a basketball coach to bring exceptional character to their team. In addition to each player receiving a customized deck of playing cards explaining the concepts, each player gets ten 5 x 7 student cards with a superstar sports figure featured. Players also receive a copy of a one of two books which teach the concepts. 

The U Can Be Heroes Basketball Supreme Kit

  • What's Included:

    Coach's manual, coach cards. Additionally included is set of 10 student cards as well as a non-fiction book and a deck of collectible cards for each of 25 players. To complete the kit there is a video series, featuring Ruthie Bolton 2 Time Olympic Gold Medalist.

    • 10 Coach Cards:There is a coach card to go with each of the nine behaviors being taught (plus one introduction card). These cards help the teacher share the connection being made between the behavior and the body part and make introducing the lesson easy.
    • 10 Student Cards (for each of 25 players): There are ten quick and engaging five to fifteen minute lessons on these unique cards that students will love to take home with them. Make the lessons longer by having student do writing assignments to answer the questions on the back of the student cards.
    • 1 Non-fiction Book (for each of 25 players): Each player will receive their own book. These books are a valuable way to get players hearts and minds caring and thinking more about the importance of behaviors and values.
    • 1 Deck of Collectible Cards (for each of 25 players): A deck of playing cards created around the behaviors makes learning captivating and fun.
    • 10 Vidoes: A series of quick 3-5 minute clips, featuring Ruthie Bolton, inspire students while they learn about valuable character traits.
    • Downloadable Coach's Manual: This guide book provides useful information for the coach and helps to familarize them with the methodology of mapping behaviors to the body.
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