The U Can Be Heroes Grade 11 Kit comes with the book A System for Harmony. A System for Harmony starts with a glimpse of the Golden Rule found in all religions and secular ethics. Building upon that universal precept, the book takes students on a modern-day journey into different people's points of views on our society and system. Then, it offers a solution for a better way to organize our system. What's the basis of the offering? You guessed it, the model of the body. This book will move students hearts and minds and empower them with knowledge and wisdom to help them make lives and the world a better, more harmonious place for all.

U Can Be Heroes Grade 11 Kit

  • What's included:

    Teacher's manual, student and teacher cards, one book, lesson plans, a video series, poster, and downloadables.

    • 10 Student Cards: Student cards come with three or more open-ended questions that can be used for group discussions and for writing assignments.

    • 10 Teacher Cards: Teacher cards make teaching the lesson and the connection to the body natural and fun.

    • 1 Book (25 copies): The book, A System for Harmony helps students recognize that they have the power and ability to make their relationships and lives, and the broader society more prosperous, peaceful and balanced.

    • Video Series: Videos are an excellent medium for getting students attention. In these videos, superstars and ordinary everyday people share their journies of learning and growth.

    • 1 Poster: The high school poster is a great visual aid depicting several behaviors, and several societal parts as parts to a whole. 

    • Downloadable Student Cards: The teacher can easily make copies of the student cards for every student to have a copy.

    • Downloadable Teacher's Manual: This manual provides useful information for the teacher and helps to familiarize them with the methodology of mapping behaviors to the body.

    • Downloadable Lesson Plans: Lesson plans go along with each 15 -  20 minute lesson and make teaching the program easy and fun. Additionally, the lesson plans provide opportunities to make the lesson shorter or longer, suited to your time needs.

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