The U Can Be Heroes Grade 12 Kit comes with two books, one, Creating Harmony and two, The Game, Saving and Changing the World. Creating Harmony is a deepening development of the traits students learned in previous years. The two books, importantly, explain how they can participate in making their relationships, schools and communities more healthy, happy, and whole.


The Game, Saving and Changing the World gives students the chance to go on a discovery for themselves.


Teacher cards and student cards challenge and prompt the students to reflect on their behaviors and actions. By the end of senior year, students are learning well about the dedication and discipline that it takes to become aligned and whole and to create more aligned and whole societies.

U Can Be Heroes Grade 12 Kit

  • What's included:

    Teacher's manual, student and teacher cards, one book, lesson plans, a video series, poster, and downloadables

    • 10 Student Cards: Student cards come with three or more open-ended question that can be used for group or whole-class discussion, as well as for writing assignments.

    • 10 Teacher Cards: Teacher cards make teaching the lesson and the connection to the body natural and fun.

    • 2 Books (25 copies of each): The books, Creating Harmony and The Game, Saving and Changing the World offer review and the opportunity for students to go on a journey of discovery for themselves.

    • Video Series: Videos are an excellent medium for getting students attention. In these videos, they will listen to some superstars as well as some ordinary everyday people share their journies of learning and growth.

    • 1 Poster: The high school poster provides a great visual for students to look at an overview of the relationships between several behavioral, body, and societal parts and the functional commonalities between them. 

    • Downloadable Student Cards: The teacher can easily make copies of the student cards for every student to have a copy.

    • Downloadable Teacher's Manual: This guide book provides useful information for the teacher and helps to familiarize them with the methodology of mapping behaviors to the body.

    • Downloadable Lesson Plans: Lesson plans go along with each 15 -  20 minute lesson and make teaching the program easy and fun. Additionally, the lesson plans provide opportunities to make the lesson shorter or longer, suited to your time needs.

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