Building upon what was learned in grades K-2, the U Can Be Heroes Grades 3-4 Kit guides children to continue to develop their skills and understanding of the importance of behaviors and values for making lives better for all. 

U Can Be Heroes Grades 3-4 Kit

  • What's Included:

    Teacher's manual, ten storybooks, each with a discussion prompt, writing and drawing activities, game booklet, certificates, cards, posters and bookmarks.

    • 10 Storybooks: With encouraging, "You can do it, you can be it", meassages alongside loving behaviors children are given the nourishment they need to thrive and shine.
    • 10 Discussion Prompts: Prompts work alongside the storybooks and poems to aide the teacher and to guide the conversation around the meaning and messages of the books.
    • 20 (plus) Lesson Activities: One or more writing activity and one or more drawing activity per book.
    • 10 Certificates: Each book comes with a companion certificate to congratulate the children upon completion of the writing and/or drawing activity.
    • 2 Posters: Encouraging posters to keep children connected to the lessons being taught.
    • 1 Deck of Collectible Cards: These beautiful, playful and fun cards excite children making it fun for them to learn more about the behaviors through play.
    • 25 Bookmarks: Reward children throughout the year with these uplifting, colorful, and connecting bookmarks.
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