The U Can Be Heroes Grades 5-6 Complete Kit brings students and schools wise lessons on behaviors and values. This series of books and materials begins to show students how our behaviors work together as parts for harmonious relationships in a way that's similar to how the organs in the body join together, serving particular roles, for a whole dynamic body. This series is engaging, enlightening and fun, and takes the well-held belief, by many, that our character matters to another level. 

U Can Be Heroes Grades 5-6 Complete Kit

  • What's Included:

    Teacher's manual, student and teacher cards, two storybooks and three short story poetry books, each with a discussion prompt, lesson activities, a video series and posters.

    • 10 Student Cards: Student cards come with three or more open-ended question that can be used for group or whole-class discussion, as well as for writing assignments.

    • 10 Teacher Cards: Teacher cards make teaching the lesson and the connection to the body easy and fun.

    • 1 Non-fiction Book: Engaging, age appropriate and ecnouraging, Happiness in Schools reinforces the material covered on the student card in a way that makes students want to keep on reading more.

    • 2 Storybooks and 3 Short Story Poems: Storybooks and poems challenge students to recognize and value what it takes to become a whole and healthy person.

    • 10 Discussion Prompts:  Prompts work alongside the storybooks and poems to aide the teacher and to guide the conversation around the meaning and messages of the books.

    • 10 Video Series: Videos are an excellent medium for getting students attention. In these videos, they will listen to some superstars as well as some ordinary everyday people share their journies of learning and growth.

    • 2 Posters: Informative posters help students to awaken to the idea that their character is made up of parts that work together for wholeness and harmony in their relationships and lives.

    * The video series is not available yet. Comming soon!

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