The U Can Be Heroes Grades 7-8 Mini Kit is a great way to get students engaged with the value of developing the content of their character. The kit includes 20 simple and easy to teach lesons that can be taught in as little as ten to fifteen minutes. For longer lessons, the discussion questions can be turned into writing activities. 

U Can Be Heroes Grades 7-8 Mini Kit

  • What's Included:

    Teacher cards and student cards.

    • 10Teacher Cards:There is a teacher card to go with each of the nine behaviors being taught (plus one introduction card). These cards help the teacher share the connection being made between the behavior and the body part and make introducing the lesson easy.
    • 20 Student Cards: There are two cards per behavior, making a total of 18 quick, ten to fifteen minute lessons. The 2 additional cards serve as introductions and conclusions. Make the lessons longer by having student do writing assignments to answer the questions on the back of the student cards.
    • Teacher Binder: With  a master copy of every card, the teacher can easily make copies of the student cards for every student.
    • Downloadable Teacher's Manual: This guide book provides useful information for the teacher and helps to familarize them with the methodology of mapping behaviors to the body.
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