The U Can Be Heroes Kit for Grades K-2 is a fun and engaging approach for learning essential behavior traits for more healthy and harmonious relationships, classrooms and schools. Elementary children learn about great traits over nine months through ten engaging storybooks and augmenting materials. 

U Can Be Heroes Grades K-2 Kit

  • What's Included:

    Teacher's manual, 10 Storybooks, each with a discussion prompt, writing and drawing activities, game booklet, certificates, cards, posters and bookmarks.

    • 10 Discussion Prompts:  Prompts work alongside the storybooks and poems to aide the teacher and to guide the conversation around the meaning and messages of the books.
    • 20 (plus) Lesson Activities: One or more writing activity and one or more drawing activity per book.
    • Game Booklet: Nine whole class games to go along with the nine behaviors.
    • 10 Certificates: Each book comes with a companion certificate to congratulate the children upon completion of the writing and/or drawing activity.
    • 3 Posters: Encouraging posters to keep children connected to the lessons being taught.
    • 1 Deck of Collectible Cards: These beautiful, playful and fun cards excite children making it fun for them to learn more about the behaviors through play.
    • 25 Bookmarks: Reward children throughout the year with these uplifting, colorful, and connecting bookmarks.
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