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For the younger children, U CAN BE HEROES offers school visits with co-founder, Cathy LoGerfo.  

Engaging and


A Storytime Behaviors and Values Program

What's Included in the Visit?


Storybooks - Read Aloud

Your school visit starts with children gathering together to listen to stories read by co-author and illustrator, and co-founder of the program, Cathy LoGerfo. The stories are full of encouragement and nourishment, with vivid colors and loveable characters. What You Can Bee, the first book in the series, is about a bee called a Ucanbee whose motto is, "You can be anything you want to be." The second book in the series, Ucadoo Kangaroo, is about a kangaroo whose motto is, "You can do anything you set your heart to do." Next is a playful, lighthearted book, Ucafly Butterfly, about a butterfly, named Ucafly with a motto, "You can fly anywhere you want to fly, even to outer space a very far out place." Finally, the storytime ends with the book Save the World Dog and the Ucadoo Crew. In this book, the three characters, Ucanbee, Ucadoo, and Ucafly, join together with Save the World Dog to go on three exciting world-saving missions.


Character Lesson

U Can Be Heroes combines learning with love.

After reading the books, an inspiring message about great traits captivates the children's attention. The lesson focuses on nine essential behaviors and four shared needs in a way that connects loving qualities to children's daily lives and activities. Children will get a feel for just how important several behaviors are to making a safe and happy classroom for all. The material is easy to grasp, fun, and connecting. Whether or not children are reading and writing yet, they will understand this lesson with ease, and they will be inspired and encouraged to shine from the inside out.


Your Materials

The materials you receive help to keep the behaviors everpresent in the children's hearts and minds. The teacher's guide and lesson plans make continuing the program easy and fun. In addition to receiving a set of your own four books, you will receive discussion prompts, writing and drawing activities, posters, certificates and bookmarks.    

Meet Ucadoo Kangaroo!

U Can Be Heroes Grades K-2 School Visit with Mini Kit

One program kit per classroom.  

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