For a Superhero Me and a Superhero You!

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What Makes This Superhero Series Unique?

This series was started as part of a mission to share a message with children about harmony.   The superheroes encourage children to recognize and value themselves for the qualities that make up their character, from the inside out.

Save the World Dog and the Ucadoo Crew

Save the World Dog and the Ucadoo Crew is a fun-filled crew who run missions to save the world. There's Ucanbee, whose motto is "You Can Be Anything You Want to Be." There's Ucadoo Kangaroo, whose motto is "You Can Do Anything You Set Your Heart to Do." There's Ucafly Butterfly, whose motto is "You Can Fly Anywhere You Want to Fly, Even to Outer Space, a Very Far Out Place." The crew join with Save the World Dog and Save the World Cat and Ucahave More Dinosaur and several other crew members; and there's nothing that, together, they and you can't do!

The Star Cups Cafe Series

No superhero series would be complete without a home base. Batman has his batcave. Superman has his Metropolis. Wonder Woman her Themyscira. Well, Save the World Dog and the crew have their cafe! Star Cups Cafe is just one of their favorite mission starting points. This series of books, called the Star Cups Cafe Series is filled with fun and inspiring messages. There's over twenty-five books in the series with missions to save and change the world! The series links superheroes to the real world to help bring the message down to earth. And to give children and adults alike the feeling that they too can do it. They can save and change the world! Right from the most basic of places. And so can you... Find out how! While having fun with this great crew.

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