The U Can Be Heroes Grades 7-8 Complete Kit continues to brings students and schools wise lessons on behaviors and values. With development and repetion continuing throughout the program students become young experts in the knowledge that several essential behavioral "parts" are necessary for harmony. Enlightening and thought provoking material gives teens the tools they need to make their world and the broader world for all more balanced.  

Teacher's manual, student and teacher cards, three books, lesson plans, a video series and posters.

  • 10 Student Cards: Student cards come with three or more open-ended question that can be used for group or whole-class discussion, as well as for writing assignments.

  • 10 Teacher Cards: Teacher cards make teaching the lesson and the connection to the body natural and fun.

  • 3 Books:  The books provide enlightening information on behaviors and values. Capturing students hearts and minds with an analogy and insight between the body and behavior helps guide students pay attention to developing the content of their character.

  • Video Series: Videos are an excellent medium for getting students attention. In these videos, they will listen to some superstars as well as some ordinary everyday people share their journies of learning and growth.

  • 1 Poster: The high school poster provides a great visual for students to look at an overview of the relationships between several behavioral, body, and societal parts and the functional commonalities between them. 

  • Downloadable Student Cards: The teacher can easily make copies of the student cards for every student to have a copy.

  • Downloadable Teacher's Manual: This guide book provides useful information for the teacher and helps to familiarize them with the methodology of mapping behaviors to the body.

  • Downloadable Lesson Plans: Lesson plans go along with each 15 -  20 minute lesson and make teaching the program easy and fun. Additionally, the lesson plans provide opportunities to make the lesson shorter or longer, suited to your time needs.

Promoting Value


What do we value? ​


Have you thought about the possibility that there may be living among us, in the not too distant future, millions of robots with rights? Rights equal to our own.


Or even superior to our own.​Will you live in a world where your rights are eroded? Will you live in a world where your ability to meet your essential needs, to pursue happiness and to do so freely is challenged, even threatened.​


Or will you live in a world where fundamental human rights are promoted and realized? ​


A lot depends upon you. When you recognize the problem, you're half-way to a solution, so the saying goes. Well, here, in this book, we continue to explain, something introduced in many of the other books we've written, how we, the people, can take charge of our present and our future.​


It's up to you to learn a discovery of a scientific law of nature that shows how we can harmonize. In this book, we focus on what it is that those in charge value - and what they are warning us is going to happen if we do not change the course we are on.​​


There's still time to change the course you're on - the Stairway to Heaven lyrics like that play in my head. There is still time, but you have to read about a scientific law of nature and learn how to sync up with it. Out of sync, we, the people, will struggle. The time is now. To change the road we're on - and change the world.


To bring heaven down to earth.

The U Can Be Heroes Grade 11 Kit comes with the book A System for Harmony. Taking students beyond their current knowledge, A System for Harmony starts out with a look at the Golden Rule found in all religions and secular ethics and from there it brings students on a modern-day journey into different aspects and points of view on our society and system and then it offers a solution for a better way to organize our system. What's the basis of the offering? You guessed it, the model of the body. This book will move students hearts and minds and empower them with knowledge and wisdom for making lives and the world a better, more harmonious place for all.

The U Can Be Heroes Grade 12 Kit comes with two books, Creating Harmony and  The Game, Saving and Changing the World. Creating Harmony, in many ways is a review of the material students learned from the previous program materials. However, it importantly gives students another text for realizing how they can participate in making their relationships, schools and communities more healthy, happy, and wholesome. Beyond that, The Game, Saving and Changing the World gives students the chance to make the discovery for themselves, add to the discovery, and ask questions about discovery. As with the earlier grades, teacher and student cards continue to challenge and prompt the students to care about and to reflect on their behaviors and actions. By the end of their senior year students are learning about the dedication and discipline that it takes to become aligned and whole.

Dear Janti,


Congratulations on your newly appointed position as the Ceo of Save the Children. I want to use this opportunity to share with you a project in line with your work that my partner and fellow co-creator, Chris Dunn, and I have been passionately working on over the past several years.


We have developed excellent materials and products for children and communities to foster growing together in more harmony and balance. The initiative is, without a doubt, something you have never seen before. By implementing our engaging and enlightening paradigm for essential qualities of love and harmony, in collaboration with companies and non-profits like yours, we, together, can make more significant strides toward global peace and prosperity.


Our company, U Can Be Heroes, has spent many years studying and researching the natural existence of a relationship between several behavioral attributes and several different organs in the body. Doing so leads us to assert with a passion that we can and need to advocate for the importance of teaching and learning about essential qualities. Traits like unity, individuality, encouragement, empathy, sensitivity, sincerity, meaningfulness, maturity, and many more, each can of these are critical attributes to creating more loving lives and cultures. Moreover, using the body as an anchor system, we've created an objective list of behaviors. And, an objective choice of behaviors is of enormous value for helping us come together and make great strides in humanity's shared mission for manifesting a better, more wholesome world. By joining with companies like yours to help us disseminate our materials and products that heighten learning about essential qualities for harmony, together, we can more consciously and effectively redesign and align our institutions and organizations for more balanced, healthy growth.


It is with this introduction that I would like you to preview some of our work, with the hope that it will ignite in you an interest in collaborating with us and helping us bring our loving gifts and services to the world.  


In closing, Chris and I, as a part of our goals and dreams for this New Year, seek to share more of what we do in an in-person meeting with you and your associates at Save the Children. Thank you so much. We look forward to your response.


There's too much world-saving and world-changing to do, the world can't make it without you. The world needs you to be a superhero or a superstar, without you, none of us will get very far. So, c'mon, join us, everyone, especially, you, you can do it - you can be a superhero or a superstar!