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Be Encouraged to Build
the Content of Your Character With the Most Enlightening Program

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U Can Be Heroes is a groundbreaking character program with the first-ever objective model designed to teach children and adults alike "parts" to wholeness. Looking at several of the body's organs as anchors for the choice of behaviors, U Can Be Heroes' insights are compelling and relevant.

A Truly Transformational Initiative and Program

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Sometimes it can help to have a superstar deliver a can-do message. And sometimes, it can help to have a superstar talk about the content of our character to help inspire us to see what really matters. It might just be that you or your team, organization, or school need a visit from a superstar!

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Everybody talks about the need to change and save the world. What better way to think about what can be done than by joining a superhero crew on their journey to do what they can do. What better way to start children off young than learning to believe that there is nothing they can't do. 

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A Discovery

It's the goodness that we bring to our lives and relationships that makes each of us a true star. 

Amazingly, when we extend the laws of nature that exist in the body to other spheres, we can make new discoveries. Extended to the behavioral sphere, the body contains a blueprint and a path to behavioral wholeness. It's an extraordinary discovery of parts to wholes and parts to behavioral wholeness.

From Kindergarten to High School: A Comprehensive Educational Journey


Embark on an inspiring adventure with us as we uncover the remarkable connection between the body's intricate functions and positive behaviors that shape character. Rooted in this innovative insight, U Can Be Heroes offers a transformative learning experience that invites students to discover the path to wholeness through nature's blueprint. This empowering understanding becomes a beacon for creating more balanced, loving, and harmonious lives and relationships for themselves and others, ensuring they not only thrive but truly flourish.


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What We Offer

The U CAN BE HEROES program offers teachers, coaches, parents, and community and business leaders an extraordinary opportunity to lead positive change. All our products are designed based on extending the discoverable laws of nature in the body to the behavioral sphere. Looking to the body as a blueprint, behavioral wholeness has never been more thought-provoking, nourishing and life changing! 

Our products include
 books, posters and teacher cards to go along with engaging, easy-to-understand, and insightful lessons.  


Shared Language


U Can Be Heroes provides students Grades K-12 with a shared set of essential traits. And teaches the idea of parts to wholeness. 

The lessons can be done in as little as 15 minutes or for up to 45 minutes. 

Fundraising Opportunites

Our T-shirts, featuring a capitvating phrase and logo encourage community engagement. 

Extraordinary and Transformational! 

U Can Be Heroes introduces a pioneering program that selects attributes based on an objective model.








Whole Body

Whole Acts

The function of aligning is common to both how the healthy whole body works and how healthy whole action works. The whole body aligns by bringing functioning parts together. These functioning parts include the pumping (the giving and receiving) of the heart, the processing role of the brain, the responding role of the nerves, the connecting role of the tendons, and so on and so forth. In our whole aligned actions, we also bring functioning parts (in common with the functions of the body parts) together. These functioning parts include the giving and receiving role in being loving, the processing role in being thoughtful, the responding role in being responsive, the connecting role in being uniting, and so on and so forth. The commonality between the functions of the body parts and the functions of the behavior parts leads us to a discovery of parts to wholeness in our actions. 

Pumping (giving and receiving)



The function of pumping (giving and receiving) is common to both how the healthy heart works and how being loving works. The heart gives and receives by pumping oxygen and nutrient-rich blood throughout the body to nourish and replenish the whole body. Being loving, we give and receive time, attention, affection and other "nutrient-rich" resources to nourish and replenish the whole of our lives. This commonality tells us that being loving is part of an overall whole and that we can better love by acting more like a healthy heart, by giving and receiving better for more wholeness.

Thinking / Processing



The function of thinking is common to both how the healthy brain works and how thoughtfulness works. The healthy brain thinks and processes messages and information for the well-being of the whole body. Being thoughtful, we think and process messages and information for the well-being of our lives. This commonality tells us that being thoughtful acts like a part of an overall healthy whole. We can be more thoughtful by acting more like a healthy brain, by processing messages and information better, for more wholeness.

School Program Overview

Grades K-4

Create A Classroom That Encourages Your Students to Shine from the Inside Out!

By depicting several traits as parts, we teach children about parts to whole actions. Whole actions: being loving, being thoughtful... come together like a whole body, heart and brain. Filled with relevant, engaging, nourishing and fun material, U Can Be Heroes brings even the youngest hearts and minds an unprecedented approach to teaching behavioral wholeness. 

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Grades 5-8

A Foundation of Wisdom Guides Every Lesson 

Using the body's organs as the anchor system for the choice of behaviors dynamically reveals a map and a guide to more wholeness and balance in our relationships and lives, and even societies. 

Grades 9-12

Unleashing the Power and Value of a Discovery of a Law of Nature for Harmony and Wholeness

U Can Be Heroes takes young adults on an eye-opening journey. The enlightening materials have students looking at parts to wholes and parts to behavioral wholeness. It is an extraordinarily engaging, enlightening, powerfully healing, and harmonizing program for young adults, children and communities.

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Parts to Wholeness

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We can apply the laws of nature that exist in the body to a greater extent and to other spheres to make new

improvements and advancements.

Learning Essential Qualities Made Easy

Our books, with an enlightening model for understanding how harmony works, make learning about the importance and value of behaviors for positively changing lives and the world compelling, relevant and fun.


Naturally, the outer world is an extension that flows from and is developed out of where we are internally and how we behave.

Thought-Provoking Material for How to Uplift the Character of Our Society 

With a beautiful acronym, HOPE FOR ALL, and real-life stories throughout, we'll have you finish this fast read, start to end, in one sitting. Moreover, you'll begin to see the great potential you have within yourself for helping to bring about the values of life, liberty, and happiness for all.

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We believe in humanity's ability to harmonize by bringing powerful behavioral tools, anchored by an objective model, into societies' daily activities  - all aimed toward bringing about the values of Life, Liberty, and Happiness for all. 

GOOD ACTIONS Be Caring Think of Others Respond Well Be a Teammate Be Your Best Self Be Sen
GOOD ACTIONS Be Caring Think of Others Respond Well Be a Teammate Be Your Best Self Be Sen
GOOD ACTIONS Be Caring Think of Others Respond Well Be a Teammate Be Your Best Self Be Sen
GOOD ACTIONS Be Caring Think of Others Respond Well Be a Teammate Be Your Best Self Be Sen
GOOD ACTIONS Be Caring Think of Others Respond Well Be a Teammate Be Your Best Self Be Sen

Encouraging Children to Join in Making a Five Star World 

GOOD ACTIONS Be Caring Think of Others Respond Well Be a Teammate Be Your Best Self Be Sen

One of many in our series, this world-saving story captures children's hearts and minds right from the start! With Save the World Dog and the Ucadoo Crew, children are asked to participate and help Dog and his crew while they go on three world-saving missions. This fun and engaging story encourages and empowers children to believe that they can be part of making a better world.

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Program Goals:

  • To encourage children and young adults to believe in themselves.

  • To create schools and communities that value the healing power of behavioral nourishment.

  • To educate children on principles of wholeness and harmony.

  • To build healthy self-esteem.

  • To decrease bullying in schools and communities.

  • To instill the notion of right makes right over might makes right.

Here's a sneak peek into the character-building lessons that await you:

  • Caring and the Heart: Discover the beautiful connection between being caring and the heart's function of giving and receiving nourishment.

  • Thoughtfulness and the Brain: Awaken to the power of care-filled thinking reflected in the brain's workings in the body.

  • Responding Well and the Nerves: Explore the nature of responding well, drawing inspiration and insight from the role of the nerves.

  • Teamwork and the Tendons: Learn how the power of teamwork works much like the nature of how the tendons work in our body.

  • Individuality and the Bones: Embrace your unique self, just as our bones provide structure and individuality to our body.

  • Sensitivity and the Senses: Learn the importance of the senses and how feeling, seeing, and hearing can lead us to caring actions.

  • Meaningfulness and the Muscles: Uncover the impact of making a difference, akin to the strength and purpose of our muscles.

Each behavior is thoughtfully and purposefully connected to a specific body part, creating a truly engaging and insightful experience for both parents and children.

Enriched with comprehensive lesson plans, interactive activities, captivating storybooks, and motivating rewards, U CAN BE HEROES offers a total of ten lessons per grade.


Teachers will be engaged and encouraged by groundbreaking character-building lessons that help them foster an environment of growing in balance. Children, middle schoolers, and young adults will blossom while exploring the fascinating links between behavior and body functions.


Join us in shaping a brighter future, several behaviors joined together, action upon action upon action.

Fun With Character Image
Fun With Character Image



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FOR YOUTH (Ages 4-8)



Meet The Team

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