This U Can Be Heroes K-2 Mini Kit comes with everything you need to get children excited to learn about what it takes to be a great kid with great character. Save the World Dog and his crew are a loving and loveable team and they will, without a doubt, make your students smile, laugh and shine!

U Can Be Heroes Grades K-2 Mini Kit

  • What's Included:

    Teacher's manual, 4 Storybooks, each with a discussion prompt, writing and drawing activities, game booklet, certificates, cards, posters and bookmarks.

    • 4 (plus) Lesson Activities: One or more writing activity and one or more darwing activity per book.
    • 4 Certificates: Each book comes with a companion certificate to congratulate the children upon completion of the writing and/or drawing activity. 
    • 2 Posters: Encouraging posters to keep children connected to the lessons being taught.
    • 25 Bookmarks: Reward children throughout the year with these uplifting, colorful, and connecting bookmarks.
Yellow Black Typography Book Cover (1).p